The mons pubis is the fatty, hairy area that sit above the clitoris. Many women are unhappy with the amount of fat that they have in this area and, in many cases, the mound is obvious in clothing. Whether it’s been a lifelong issue or a problem that came up after pregnancy, you can transform your body with a pubic liposuction (or a mons lift).

Ageing and weight gain can also cause sagging in the pubic area. By removing the excess skin and fat in the pubic area, a mons lift can create a lifted and youthful look. A mons reduction is often done in conjunction with a tummy tuck to create a smooth and sleek abdominal contour.

During a mons lift or pubic liposuction, you’ll be placed under a general anaesthesia in a fully accredited private hospital. Dr Turner will remove unwanted fat with liposuction and perform a skin resection to tighten any sagging skin in the pubic area. This rejuvenates and lifts the mons pubis to give an enhance appearance to the external genitalia to compliment any labiaplasty procedure.

Meet Dr Turner

Dr Turner is a leader in labiaplasty surgery, not only in Sydney but with women all over Australia seeking his expertise. While many clinics offer labiaplasty surgery, very few surgeons perform this procedure on a regular basis. Dr Turner has dedicated himself to learn the latest labiaplasty techniques, travelling around the world to learn the most advanced techniques available.

The delicate nature of the female genitalia requires an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and precise surgical skills to give women seeking labiaplasty the natural result they always desired. Dr Turner is a firm believer that women seeking labiaplasty are fully informed before deciding to under go surgery. Above all, it’s essential that women feel safe and comfortable that they are in the right hands.

What is the difference between labiaplasty and vaginoplasty?

Labiaplasty is focused on the external appearance of your genitalia. While it is largely focused on aesthetics, it will also address external issues that can cause discomfort. The procedure is based around reducing and reshaping the labia minora.

Does Health Insurance or Medicare cover labiaplasty?

While there is a Medicare item number to cover labiaplasty, this is rarely approved by Medicare and so labiaplasty is largely considered a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Can I have a labiaplasty if I’ve never had kids?

Yes. A labiaplasty can be a good option for any woman who is in good health and over the age of 18 years. While women often choose to have a labiaplasty to deal with the effects of vaginal childbirth, it is not necessary to be a mother to have the procedure.

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