What is a clitoral hood?

Your clitoris is covered by skin, which is called the clitoral hood (or prepuce). This clitoral hood is similar in many ways to the foreskin on the male penis. This skin protects your clitoris from irritation, friction, and injury. Due to the high level of sensitivity of the clitoris, protection is essential.

Clitoral hood sizes vary. There’s no relationship between a woman’s frame size and her clitoral hood size. A very petite woman can have an oversized clitoral hood while a large woman can have a small clitoral hood. This can be caused by genetics or hormonal changes.

Having a large clitoral hood can be problematic. If the hood is large enough, it’s possible that the clitoris can’t be exposed. This can inhibit sexual arousal and reduce a woman’s satisfaction with her sex life.

A clitoral hood reduction, or hoodectomy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that reduces the amount of skin covering the clitoris, which enhances sexual arousal and improves the appearance of genitals.

A clitoral hood reduction surgery is usually done in conjunction with a labiaplasty. This allows you to reduce the size and length of your labia minora (vaginal lips) while creating a natural look.

Clitoral Hood Reduction Surgery

During a clitoral hood reduction surgery, two bilateral incisions are made on either side of the hood. The excess tissue covering the clitoris is removed to create a smooth and tight area without reducing sensation or the ability to become aroused. The clitoris itself is unaffected by the procedure.

It is essential to create just the right amount of exposure for the clitoris. Removing too much of the clitoral hood, leading to ‘deroofing’ the clitoris can cause chronic irritation and discomfort. Dr Turner ensures that you that you have exactly the right amount of protection for your clitoris.

The incisions from clitoral hood reduction surgery heal quickly and are nearly invisible within just a few months. Following the procedure, many women find that they have an increase in sexual satisfaction. By eliminating discomfort and increasing self-confidence, women often find their relationships transformed.

Meet Dr Turner

Dr Turner is a leader in labiaplasty surgery, not only in Sydney but with women all over Australia seeking his expertise. While many clinics may offer labiaplasty, very few surgeons perform this procedure on a regular basis. Dr Turner has dedicated himself to learn the latest labiaplasty techniques, travelling around the world to learn the most advanced techniques available.

The delicate nature of the female genitalia requires an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and precise surgical skills to give women seeking labiaplasty surgery a natural result. Dr Turner is a firm believer that women seeking labiaplasty are fully informed before deciding to under go surgery. Above all, it’s essential that women feel safe and comfortable that they are in the right hands.

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